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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mass Collaboration

If this is your first time visiting please read this first

I have not been involved with anything like this before, And I am doing it differently than anyone has ever done. Everything is going to be open, Every Dollar that comes in will be public information, and where that money goes will be public information, the reason for this besides transparency, is that people may see things they can help with, dramatically increasing the options the organization has. This will be a Mass Collaboration Project. Using the best the internet has to offer.

I want to get as many organizations as possible involved with finding a cure, As long as they meet the strict standards that we will demand. One that I am currently talking to is the Coralee Foundation, and they are quite amazing. They focus on Organic Infant Nutrition. - I'll show you more about them in upcomming posts.

I'm going to ask the artist to sell their art by themselves, But make sure they keep me posted, so i can use it for Media and News. I think this will allow a project like this to become a lot bigger than any staff could handle. And art being made- and sold all over the world. I Invision 2- 4 year olds making there own Rocks. and giving it to friends.

If you want to wait untill I can show you can trust me that is fine, But please keep an eye on my feed.

Right now I want to get on the news, and radio - to advertise my blog, But Having something to talk to the media, something to show like connections with interesting Art can help me tremendously,

What do you think? Do you have any Ideas?

It's Time for some Art

Today I am going to contact any Bloggers that have anything to do with Art, I am asking them to create artwork on a Rock, or anything pictures on a rock or anything else like that. Then If they are kind enough to donate it to the erradication of SIDS we can sell it on ebay.

Offline I am working on getting on the radio. I am working with a retiree that used to own 2 radio stations. and her cousin owns a radio station. So after there is art going around I am sure we can get on the radio and maybe even on TV. I will feature the artwork, The only thing this is about is the eradication of SIDS.

And Yes I do Have ADHD I think I am a 28 out of 30 (I would not trade my ADD for the World)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Prove It!

The are many Ad men and women out there, and there a lot of con-men too, google Marketing, or Internet marketing and there will be a lot of people that claim they can teach you how to make $50k a month, I Have a challenge for all marketers and Admen.

Donate Some TIME to a good cause, Like helping make sure no more baby's die suddenly seemingly without any reason at all.

Why would marketers want to help out a cause like this?
1. To actually prove you are a human being,
2. To get mentioned on a blog like this.
3. You never know what kind of companies and people I am connecting with.

So whatever your marketing specialty is, Help fight Sudden Infant Death, What I most need right now is people paying attention,

I am also going to ask Non-Internet marketers such as publishers, Ad designers and whatever else I can think of to help spread the word.

Promotional companies that print logo's on shirts,pens, mugs and what not I am asking you to print, something about on one side then go ahead and print your logo on the other, and sell it on EBay, If we get this going big enough we might be able to get it on the news.

Marketers Lets see your Stuff.

Why do Radio and TV stations Have programs where they give non-profit organizations, free air time?
Well see for your self

Saturday, February 2, 2008

God In your Pocket.

I was born really religious. Both of my parents are very active in there church. However 4 years ago I still did not have what I needed to know in order to dedicate my life to something I could not see.

I did not need a sign, because I didn't trust my eyes. On 9/11 I realized people can convince themselves of anything. How was I any different?

So I prayed to God for about 2 years, wanting to know the truth. When I did not get any answers, I moved to LA then to the biggest party town on the Beach, wonderful Isla Vista CA, Next to UCSB. I had the attitude I was not religious anymore. In fact I changed my name. I called my self Talis.

In IV met a man with a very enlightening God-view, We talked a lot, He got me thinking about god in a totally different way. I started praying again.

The First time I prayed I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets on the beach, I have ever seen. While I was praying my knees weakened and I was forced to kneel. At that moment I had assurance God Existed.

After this I took a cab to the local Amtrak, Where I needed to pick up my tickets to go to Utah to see my mother for Christmas. I had a long night in Sacramento, the layover was until the morning so I sat down and felt the heat coming up from the middle of the seats.

I then noticed a women crying, I went over to talk to her, Finally she started to feel a little better. Then I said goodbye

It was time to get on the bus to Reno NV then to Provo UT, I noticed I had lost my bus ticket, and my wallet. The attendant could not help me. But I was not worried at all. It was a very surreal experence, I went outside and saw the same woman again.

This time she comforted me, One of the things we talked about was Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Or SIDS. And how SIDS Kills 1 baby every hour, She told me I need help in the fight against it, and in doing so numerous other diseases will be cured. She then looked down at the ground, picked up a nickel-sized rock and handed it to me. She told me keep this in my pocket.

When we got to the local Salvation Army she disappeared. After a moment I began to feel something like a million volts of electricity was coursing through my body, and 1 message was given to me. The Existence of GOD is Undeniable. They called the ambulance, and they poked and prodded me and eventually they gave me a CT scan, turns out I had a slight urinary tract infection.

My Dad gladly drove from Riverside CA, to Sacramento in order to pick me up from the hospital, and then dropped me off with my mom.

We can't fight SIDS alone,
So Here is my Plan, If you can paint a Rock and sell it, and donate the money, It will go a long way to Getting Rid of SIDS or Kicking SIDS, You can Kick the Rock, or Put it in your Pocket.

I will also want to put on a 7,000 Biodegradable Balloon Release 1 balloon for every baby that died from SIDS, last year. This is a massive event and is going to take planning, sponsors, and volunteers.

God is on our side.